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    Boat Hoist Installation and Construction

    Boat hoist installation and construction requires the expertise and heavy equipment of industry experts for successful and secure work. Whatever the size or style of your dock, Huron Pointe Excavating, Michigan’s leading seawall and marine construction specialists, has the material to fit. Located in Harrison Township, MI, we serve waterfront properties in Algonac, New Baltimore, Harsen’s Island, Sant Clair Shores, Macomb, and Grosse Pointe.

    Boat Hoist Installation and Construction - Huron Pointe
    Installing Boat Hoists of All Sizes - Huron Pointe

    Installing Boat Hoists of All Sizes

    There is no job too big or too small when it comes to boat hoist installation. We regularly add hoists to a variety of areas in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some boat hoist installation details you will need to consider:

    • Location: Boat hoists can be installed in residential areas, subdivisions, industrial complexes, and commercial complexes.
    • Boat characteristics: Consider the weight and length of the boat, water depth, and available space for installation of the lift.
    • Local regulations: Your Michigan boat hoist installation company is well-versed in local regulations but also familiarize yourself with what is permitted and where.
    • Types of boat hoists: The type of boat you own and your preferences will impact the type of boat lift you need, from elevator boat lifts to cradle boat lifts, cantilever boat lifts to hydraulic boat lifts, floating boat lifts to four-post vertical boat lifts.

    We work with a variety of commonly used materials for seawalls and can help you make the right choice depending on your needs and environment. Materials include:

    • Vinyl
    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Galvanized
    • Wood

    Choosing the right marine contractor is very important, and our team is ready to demonstrate our passion for professionalism and superior workmanship. Our seawalls are engineered and constructed to the highest quality standards, and we stand behind our craftsmanship and products to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

    Having trustworthy information from an experienced marine contractor is crucial when considering seawall repairs or maintenance. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing honest and accurate assessments and estimates, so that you understand exactly what types or repairs are needed and what you can expect them to cost.  Some common repairs that we perform regularly include:

    • Cap replacement or patching 
    • Seam repair
    • Helical tie back placement 
    • French drain maintenance or installation 

    Benefits of a Customized Boat Lift

    There are thousands of lakes in Michigan and our waterways are populated by leisure crafts, work boats, and more. Getting boats in and out of the water every year requires professional equipment and knowledge to do the job right and do it safely. Enter the boat hoist so you can take care of your boat all on your own. Some of the biggest benefits of boat hoists include:

    • Storage: Whether it’s off-season or you know you’ll be away from the water for a while, storing your craft on a boat lift minimizes rust and corrosion.
    • Convenience: Knowing where your boat is going to be parked when you’re not on it is a relief, just like any other type of vehicle you own.
    • Cleanliness: A boat kept out of the water exhibits better performance and maintains low water damage. Consider the clean hull and prop for surf boats which boat lifts deliver.
    Benefits of a Customized Boat Lift - Huron Point Shows You Why
    Reasons to Invest in a Boat Lift - Huron Pointe

    Reasons to Invest in a Boat Lift

    A boat is an investment, whether the vessel is small or large, whether it’s used for work or play. A boat lift is like a designated parking spot for your car and keeping your craft above water delivers a boatload of benefits that make a boat hoist worth every penny:

    • Reduced maintenance needs
    • Easy to clean and wipe down the hull
    • Reduction in marine growth accumulation
    • Stop from hitting the dock in heavy wake or bad weather
    • Minimize exposure to electrolytes
    • Immediate access to water

    By simply lifting a boat out of the water, it looks better and maintains a high resale value should you want to upgrade or downgrade your watercraft or simply move on from boat ownership. Saying yes to boat hoist installation protects your investment while it’s in your hands and makes life on Michigan waterways that much safer and more enjoyable.

    Talk to Boat Lift Installation Experts in Michigan

    Hire a marine excavation contractor known for reliability, responsiveness, accuracy, and care. Huron Pointe Excavating will install the right size, shape, and style of boat hoist for your water vessel, delivering the protection your craft needs.

    Enjoy a secure, dry-docked machine that has its hull and outdrive safely protected from wake damage, wind, algae, and marine growth. Permit our large barge to do the heavy lifting and our crew to provide efficiency and safety and deliver a boat hoist that fits perfectly alongside your dock

    Talk to Boat Lift Installation Experts in Michigan - Huron Pointe Are the Ones to Call