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Sewer Contractor

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    Sewer Contractor

    Sewer problems, septic issues, water main breaks – any underground issues in a backyard, neighborhood, town, or city require the eyes of expert sewer contractors and water line contractors who know how to tackle the worst. Huron Pointe Excavating offers Michigan residents responsiveness, quality service, and quick attention to the most pressing sewer and water matters.

    Sewer Contractors - Huron Pointe Excavating
    Sewer Repair - Huron Pointe Excavating

    Sewer Repairs

    From sewer backup to broken pipes, clogged sewer lines to basement flooding, every sewer problem is an emergency that threatens health and safety. Expert sewer contractors know how to:

    • Recognize structural or pipe problems.
    • Make sewer repairs to stop the problem and prevent further complications.
    • Conduct utility inspections, trenchless rehabilitations methods, pipeline management, and other state-of-the-art methods.
    • Repair or replace plumbing systems and sewer lines.

    Water Main Service /Water Main Repair

    Water main lines are built to last but pressure from weather, backups, and environmental interruptions can challenge the strength of underground infrastructure. When this vital part of an area’s infrastructure is tested, a full-service sewer contractor is prepared to offer all basic and elevated types of water main repair and maintenance:

    • Deliver innovative solutions.
    • Serve private, industrial, or municipal clients.
    • Provide service in a responsive, cost-effective manner.
    • Conduct trenchless rehabilitation, video inspections, catch basin cleanings, and testing of joints and connections.
    Water Main Service Water Main Repair - Huron Pointe Excavating
    Water Service Water Line Contractor - Huron Pointe Excavating

    Water Service / Water Line Contractor

    Water trouble causes major damage quickly, which means water damage restoration is needed immediately. Safe and clean water is non-negotiable. Water services from a water line contractor offer the following:

    • Address complications caused by broken pipes, storm floods, sewage backup, appliance malfunction, and toilet overflow.
    • Maintain separate, clean, and sanitary systems for storm water and wastewater.
    • Move water in the right direction.
    • Keep water lines clear.
    • Provide regular maintenance and cleaning to help prevent blockage or other obstructions.
    • Remove debris, dirt, roots, and sludge as needed with powerful, high-pressure tools.

    Sewer Cleaning

    No one wants to deal with a sewer backup, but when a complication occurs you want to be able to call a professional to manage the problem, no matter what shape or form it takes. Whether in a residential or commercial environment, you will see the issue disappear quickly at the hands of expert sewer contractors. Some of the most common complications that demand sewer cleaning include:

    • Backed up plumbing.
    • Slow drain.
    • Sewage odors and musty drains.
    • Standing water in sinks or tubs.
    • Gurgling sound in the drain.
    • Frequently clogged toilet.
    • High water bills.

    Routine cleaning and assessments are intended to recognize problems and correct them before they turn into major complications, from tree roots to grease to broken or cracked pipes.

    Sewer Cleaning - Huron Pointe Excavating
    Septic Systems - Huron Pointe Excavating

    Septic Systems

    A malfunctioning septic system is beyond stressful and inconvenient. Prompt, reliable service is the only option when it comes to correcting a problem like this in individual households.

    • Septic systems are typically found in rural areas.
    • Wastewater is treated onsite and disposed of underground on the property.
    • Regular maintenance and pumping are needed to prevent backups.

    Sewer systems, unlike septic systems, are managed by a municipality and wastewater is dealt with at a central treatment facility. You’ll know right away if your personal septic system is acting up and not working properly.

    Get a Septic Tank Contractor and More Sewer Services in Michigan

    No matter what type of sewer drain or water line complication you have, hire an experienced sewer contractor who knows the best option for addressing your emergency. Contact Huron Pointe Excavation in Harrison Township, MI, to report your problem and get the repairs or restoration you need.

    Get a Septic Tank Contractor and More Sewer Services in Michigan - Huron Pointe Excavating