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Erosion Control

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    Through the installation and modification of seawalls and sheet piling, Huron Pointe Excavating in Harrison Township, MI, delivers essential erosion control and protection from surge flooding. As the state’s leading seawall and marine construction specialists, we deliver the best material for your environment and serve waterfront properties in Algonac, New Baltimore, Harsen’s Island, St. Clair Shores, Macomb, and Grosse Pointe.

    Why Erosion Control is Necessary - Huron Point Excavating Explains

    Why erosion Control is necessary

    Shoreline erosion is a natural, gradual process that removes soil from the shore. Unfortunately, there are several factors that lead to much faster erosion of Michigan’s lakes and other waterways and lead to serious environmental problems and difficulties with property. Some of these erosion factors can be prevented and others are simply part of Mother Nature’s handiwork:

    • Land choices: The removal of natural vegetation can lead to faster erosion, especially if temperature and groundwater movement are negatively impacted during waterfront landscaping.
    • Waves: Soil can be quickly displaced by waves of all forces, whether caused by boats or natural elements.
    • Ice: Michigan is no stranger to winter ice and sheets of ice from frozen lakes can push against the shore as they melt. Rising water levels and freezing temps lead some areas to increased risk of erosion.
    • Humans: The choices you make to protect your shoreline directly impact the level and speed of erosion. If you make decisions without consulting experts who understand erosion and seawalls, problems can accelerate alarmingly.

    Erosion Problems for Waterfront Properties

    It’s not just your waterway or marine vehicles that suffer when erosion occurs. The literal and figurative nature of your entire waterfront property and those who love the area is threatened by erosion.

    • When the shoreline erodes, so too does your property.
    • Buildings and structures near the shore experience damage and need repairs.
    • Property value depreciates and structural integrity is weakened.
    • The natural ecosystem is disturbed, including wildlife and water quality.
    • Cloudy water and algae overgrowth are excessive and unhealthy for humans and wildlife.
    • Outdoor space becomes unpleasant to view and spend time in.
    Erosion Problems for Waterfront Properties - Huron Point Excavating Is Who You Need to Help
    The Seawall Solution to Erosion Control - Huron Point Excavating Helps Solve Your Erosion Problems

    The Seawall Solution to Erosion Control

    Our design and installation of customized seawalls provides erosion control and protects homes and land from surge floods. We work with various materials and help each client choose the right materials for their seawall based on their environment. Options include:

    • Vinyl: One of the most popular materials for seawalls, vinyl offers a consistent appearance, long-lasting structure, and easy installation.
    • Steel: A steel seawall resists marine life and UV rays, extending the life of the material, though its corrosiveness means saltwater is unfriendly.
    • Concrete: A lesser-used material for today’s seawalls, concrete is still reliable when it comes to durability and strength.
    • Wood: A strong, aesthetically pleasing choice, a wood seawall offers a natural look and lower initial installation cost.

    Choose the right marine contractor to develop an erosion control plan for your property. Experts have proof of their careful engineering and quality construction and deliver accurate assessments and estimates, so you understand what is needed for your project.

    Get Erosion Control for Your Waterfront Property in Michigan

    The experts at Huron Pointe Excavating are known for reliability, accuracy, and attention to detail. Your erosion control method of choice will be discussed, designed, and installed using the correct materials exactly where you need it most. With this addition, you protect your waterway, land, and home, as well as the natural world, so you can enjoy your time on Michigan waters.

    Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about types of erosion control and what’s right for where you are and what you have. With our decades of combined experience in marine construction, you can trust that we use the latest techniques and materials to provide quality workmanship.

    Get Erosion Control For Your Waterfront Property in Michigan - Huron Point Excavating Is Who You Need